The Village © Workshop Series

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The Village © Workshop Series

experiential reconciliation workshops

Living our values:

Kathi Camilleri facilitates experiential reconciliation workshops Building Bridges through Understanding the Village© and strategic planning workshops Paddling Together© for diverse groups of people and organizations in communities across Canada and the U.S. Kathi’s work, including keynotes and webinars, is focused on the revival of culturally-based values in order to increase collaboration among all people.

About The Facilitator

Kathi Camilleri

Kathi Camilleri is a cultural safety consultant working with organizations and communities desiring positive change.

Kathi brings almost 25 years of leadership experience in facilitating, counseling, developing, directing and coordinating Aboriginal community-based programs. Facilitated and managed culturally-based strategic planning sessions, conflict resolution and counseling strategies for groups and individuals, developed community workshops to create understanding and support for families who are experiencing the generational effects of the trauma of residential schools. Kathi has also developed networking circles to bring service providers together and to increase cultural competency.

Her work has been inspired by Jann Derrick’s teachings of ‘The Circle and The Box’ along with the input and teachings of many, dear Elders who often co-facilitate with her. Her certifications include Re-enactment Therapy for Trauma Survivors, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for Trauma, and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), and holds a Master of Arts in Leadership. My thesis, Returning Home to the Values of the Village focused on the revival of culturally-based values in order to increase collaboration among staff within an Aboriginal service-providing agency.



“Chi Miigwetch, great thanks to you, Kathi, and all of the elders and organizers for delivering this amazing workshop. There was so much love, support, and wisdom in the room that it felt like an incredibly safe space to examine trauma and emotions around the impacts of colonization on our lives and families. I have been talking to many people all week about my experiences there”

“It was a deeply moving experience, and I can see that it is an incredible tool for education and healing.”


To learn more about Kathi or the workshops, or to book a workshop for your organization, please contact Kathi directly by email or phone.